Construction Sport #1 – Open Media Day @ Cavendish Professionals

31 January 2023
It’s been a long long time in the making and one of the main reasons for that is because our industry surely is so unique!
Each and every company we have spoken to over the past years operate in different ways, no matter what the business is. No two are the same, even if on the surface they look like similar businesses.
This has made things challenging, however it only strengthens the reasons why we are so passionate about our industry.
So how have we done it….. basically in all honesty we’ve gone round the houses, building numerous membership platforms with many different features. After trying and testing many we have then scaled down to what we believe will help us all build successfully into the future.
It’s ultimately come down to “Keep it Simple Stupid”.
The Hundred Club is a membership that is inclusive to all, delivering information, support and education across our network, from the bottom of the sector, to the very top.
With regards to cost, we believe it is extremely affordable to the sector, adding value to each member that cannot be questioned. Value that not only improves the health of the workforce but the health of the business aswell.
Many of you that I know personally would have seen my journey since day one with Construction Sport, understanding what I have been up against first hand. Things will not change overnight, however I am now finding that opportunities that really can help make the difference are presenting themselves.
My passion and hunger to ensure this sector becomes a safer place with regards to mental health continues and we will will succeed.
Thank you to all of you that are onboard at this early stage, I promise you all I will not let you down.
Steve Kerslake
Founder of Construction Sport

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